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This piece is marvelous. It is pretty funny how you express it. I haven't seen this style anywhere I can think of. I see more of the ar...

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A Night Above Ground
My first real fanart on DeviantArt! The turtles look at NYC in in the night. if you look, you can see they have the weapons I posted about previously.
Dry season. The prairies-turned-deserts iconic to this ecosystem is in normal effect. A Brachiosaurus eats some leaves in the mostly tree-lacking lands. Two small ornithopods pass by the giant beast. A pair of Allosaurus are in the few patches of ferns still around, maybe having eaten a disease-ridden or very bad carcass and trying to find some plants to induce vomiting. In the distance, a lone Diplodocus moves on. Similar to other times and places in Earth's past and future, the world is harsh.
"Ordovar is a self exiled prince of a kingdom on Drachen. The reason for his exile was to improve on his charisma, as the only way he can influence people decently is intimidation. Ordovar isn't a very good speaker or talker. His place as heir to the throne means this lack of charisma is jeopardizing. No one, other than his very closest friends or family, like talking to him, either. He read many books on his race's history and practiced martial arts instead, due to his lack of people skills. He became a mighty general and warrior for his kingdom, fighting many invaders. One of his major wars was against a hostile clan of sharp-toothed barbarians. He killed its king personally and keeps his skull as a trophy. His long history of war has also shown in the many scars on his face. One battle had given him a deep scar on his snout. This life hasn't helped his charisma too much. His soldiers would follow his orders, but he would intimidate them to do so if they succumbed to fear. He always has had a good heart, but he hasn't managed to influence people easily. Now, he looks for experience in speaking to people and influencing them, but he does use his skills in combat to save civilians and get work. As for his mission to become a people person, he's still in need of help on that."

I play D&D. One of my campaigns involves this character. You could call this an OC, but it's for D&D as stated before. He has a warhammer, halberd +2, and light crossbow
Mid-day. A Deinonychus pounces on an unwary hypsilophodont in the forest.

That's the piece, really.
All criticism and suggestion welcome. I didn't do well on the coloring, texture, or shading, so suggestions or criticism for those is most appreciated.
While I was reading Deathly Hallows, I thought to myself, what if the Japanese wizarding school got its of-age students, former students, and teachers knew about the war, went to battle like samurai, and helped Hogwarts during the siege? This idea came from playing lots of Shogun 2. I know its silly, but I really want to see someone do it well.


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Chinmoy Paul
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Two things to know about me:I love science, cartoons, and anime and I can draw ok.
Critique and criticism absolutely needed and appreciated.


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